Just Breathe Group - Interesting Things !!

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  • Ashwani Khemani
  • Abhishek Vasudevan
  • Varsha Jayaraman

Abhishek solution:

  • The UI is easy to navigate and it’s easy to follow things on the screen.
  • The colors are pleasing and they work for the color blind people.
  • The different charts had error messages for the case when no data was found for given user input.

Ashwani solution:

  • The overall work done by him was good. He has organized the different visualizations properly.
  • The pie charts created for the AQI were visually appealing and the labeling of the charts was done in a correct manner.

Varsha solution:

  • The way she made use different colors and the display was very pleasant.
  • The comparisons for more than one county was done in a unique way which makes the comparisons more intuitive.
  • All the charts and tables have good color and proper labeling and make it easier for the user to analyze the information.


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