Just Breathe - Code !!

The code for the project can be found here .

The data needed for the project is available in the root folder and the map data is available in the map folder of the project.

The instructions to run the code:

  • Online : The project can be run through this link

  • Offline : To run the project in the local environment , please follow the below instructions.

  • Download the R-language from the R-website

  • Download R-Studio free version from this website R-Studio and then install it your system.

  • Once R-Studio is installed, open the R-Studio using the application file and download the following packages in R-Studio:

    • library(shiny)
    • library(shinydashboard)
    • library(ggplot2)
    • library(lubridate)
    • library(DT)
    • library(jpeg)
    • library(grid)
    • library(leaflet)
    • library(scales)

The packages can be downloaded using the packages menu on the right side in R-Studio home screen. Search the package by name and install the above packages.

  • Once the packages are installed, the user can open the project from source code link provided here .

  • To run the applications, open the app.R and click on Run App button on the upper right side of app.R file screen.

  • The user should now be able to see the various visualization done as part of the Just-Breathe application.

  • The entire source code has been written using R language and using packages above.


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